Iranian oil smuggling causes Rs 60 billion loss to Pakistan

Iranian oil smuggling causes Rs 60 billion loss to Pakistan

The government agency has recently revealed extensive information concerning individuals implicated in the illicit trade of Iranian oil, including officers, politicians, and dealers. This revelation comes in the wake of a comprehensive report that sheds light on the staggering scale of oil smuggling from Iran to Pakistan, with approximately 2.810 billion liters of oil being clandestinely transported each year. This illicit activity has inflicted substantial annual revenue losses of 60 billion rupees on the national exchequer.

What is particularly alarming is that this oil smuggling operation is not merely a matter of financial concern; it has disturbing implications for national security. According to the report, the proceeds from oil smuggling are being diverted to support terrorist activities. This raises significant concerns about the connection between organized crime and terrorism, underscoring the need for swift and effective countermeasures.

The report further exposes the extent of the operation by identifying 76 dealers operating in areas adjacent to the border who have been directly involved in oil smuggling. Additionally, it reveals that 995 petrol pumps across the country are selling Iranian oil, further highlighting the depth of this illicit network. Shockingly, the report also implicates 90 government officials and 29 politicians in the oil smuggling operation, casting a shadow over the integrity of public institutions.

To make matters worse, the report uncovers a specific modus operandi used in this operation, with Iranian vehicles known as Zamyad being used to transport the smuggled oil into Pakistan.

This revelation not only provides insight into the logistics of the operation but also underscores the need for enhanced border security measures and cooperation between the two countries to combat this widespread issue. In sum, the government's disclosure and the accompanying report paint a grim picture of the multifaceted challenges posed by Iranian oil smuggling, from financial losses to national security threats and corruption within the system.