Afghan Taliban government hits out against Pakistan on recent clashes

Afghan Taliban government hits out against Pakistan on recent clashes

The closure of the primary border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan this week, following clashes between security forces, has drawn criticism from the Afghan Taliban. This border, known as Torkham, ceased operations on Wednesday due to exchanges of fire between Pakistani and Afghan Taliban forces, as reported by local authorities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban administration expressed its disapproval of the closure, stating that it runs counter to good neighborly relations between the two nations. According to their statement released on Saturday, the incident began when Pakistani security forces fired upon Afghan Taliban forces who were repairing an old security outpost near the border. Pakistan's foreign office has not yet responded to inquiries about the situation.

This border closure has had significant repercussions on trade and commerce, with hundreds of trucks laden with goods stranded and traders facing disruptions. The statement from the Taliban administration emphasized that the closure of the Torkham border could adversely impact bilateral and regional trade, leading to financial losses for merchants on both sides. Additionally, numerous travelers find themselves stranded on either side of the border due to the shutdown.

The Torkham border crossing serves as a vital transit point for both goods and travelers between Pakistan and landlocked Afghanistan, making its closure particularly consequential.

The ongoing disputes related to the 2,600-kilometer border have been a longstanding source of tension between Afghanistan and Pakistan, spanning several decades. Meanwhile, Pakistan has been grappling with its own challenges, as its army chief has recently pledged to boost the economy through targeted efforts to combat smuggling and tax evasion.

These developments underscore the complex and delicate nature of the relationship between these neighboring countries, where border issues, security concerns, and economic interests intersect, often resulting in volatile situations like the closure of the Torkham border