In a significant development, New oil and gas well successful drilling reported

In a significant development, New oil and gas well successful drilling reported

Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MARI), one of Pakistan's largest energy and exploration companies, recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully drilling and testing the appraisal well Mari Ghazij-2, which is situated in the Mari Development & Production License (D&PL) area in Sindh. This noteworthy achievement was disclosed by the company in a notice submitted to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on a Monday.

Notably, this accomplishment follows a previous discovery made by the Exploration and Production (E&P) company in January when gas was found at the exploratory well Mari Ghazij-1, also located in the Mari D&PL area. As a crucial component of the appraisal plan for this discovery, Mari Petroleum Company Limited undertook the drilling and testing of Mari Ghazij-2.

Appraisal wells play a vital role in evaluating the attributes of confirmed petroleum reserves, including factors like flow rate. In this case, MARI serves as the operator of the Mari D&PL with a 100% working interest in the project.

The process commenced with the drilling of Mari Ghazij-2 on September 11, 2023, ultimately reaching a depth of 1,016 meters. The results were impressive, as the post-acid gas flow rate achieved a rate of 11.1 million standard cubic feet per day, accompanied by a wellhead flowing pressure of 519 pounds per square inch at a choke size of 64/64 inches.

This successful drilling of Ghazij-2 represents the first step in a series of planned appraisal wells aimed at thoroughly assessing the Ghazij-1 discovery and determining its full extent. Following the completion of necessary regulatory formalities, the well is scheduled to undergo extended well testing to supply gas to the government-designated buyer, marking a significant development for MARI's operations.