Hamas gives another jolt to Israel

Hamas gives another jolt to Israel

Hamas Al-Qassam Brigades spokesperson Abu Ubaida stated that the "resistance movement" is unwilling to negotiate for the release of Israeli hostages while both sides of the border have suffered over 1,000 casualties.

During a live televised address, he affirmed their unwavering commitment to the battle and their faith in the people, fighters, and revolutionaries in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and occupied territories, emphasizing their responsibility to protect Al-Aqsa.

Abu Ubaida also asserted that support for Al-Aqsa is growing and will ultimately overcome the Israeli occupation's arrogance. He cautioned the Israeli enemy to prepare for significant consequences in their quest to free the captives, highlighting the strategic importance of the prisoner issue.

He stated that the concept of a regional war against aggression targeting Al-Aqsa is not just rhetoric but a potent force that will challenge the enemy. Abu Ubaida praised the resilience of their fighters on the ground, noting their success against advanced military technology and elite forces.

He claimed that despite the enemy's significant investments, their forces failed in the face of the Qassam elite. Abu Ubaida further mentioned ongoing battles in various locations, the deployment of reinforcements, and the capture of prisoners. He asserted that their fighters had effectively neutralized Merkava tanks and other military equipment.

Lastly, Abu Ubaida pointed out that, in response to their adversaries' failure, the enemy had resorted to airstrikes on civilian areas, including neighborhoods, markets, and streets in Gaza, targeting the Palestinian population.