Indian PM Modi's yet another lie has been exposed

Indian PM Modi's yet another lie has been exposed

ISLAMABAD - Vice-Chairman of Jammu link and Kashmir Young link Men's League, Zahid Ashraf, has rubbished the Indian link claims of easing the siege of occupied Kashmir, calling it a brazen lie and a petty eyewash to offset the rising wave of criticism across the globe.

According to Kashmir Media link Service, Zahid Ashraf in a statement said there was a not only complete lockdown but also total digital and communication blockade of the nine million link innocent Kashmiris.

He said this bestial treatment has only added to the anger and hatred that had always been there against the Indian link occupation and the world link would witness it the moment siege is lifted.

Terming the global silence on the continued siege that has entered its 10th week as criminal link and very unfortunate, he wondered that were the Kashmiris some sub-human species not entitled to the most basic human rights and fundamental freedoms.

He warned if the Kashmir sore was allowed to degenerate further, there was every possibility that the region could erupt into a nuclear link conflagration, inflicting a human catastrophe.