Afghan Taliban leave Kabul into complete darkness

Afghan Taliban leave Kabul into complete darkness

KABUL, Oct 9 -- Anti-government militants blew up power pylon in Salang district of Afghanistan's eastern Parwan province and left Kabul in darkness, Xinhua news agency reported, quoting the provincial police spokesman Mohammad Salim Nuri on Wednesday.

"Taliban militants detonated a pylon in Salang district some 70 km north of Kabul early Wednesday and thus left Kabul in darkness," Nuri told Xinhua.

"Explosives planted under a 220 kilowatt electricity pylon in the southern part of Salang district went off at 1.30 am local time today and resultantly electric power to Kabul and several other provinces was cut," said the Afghanistan Power Company -- Breshna Shirkat in a statement. Explore Turkey, One of the Most Romantic Countries Worldwide Sponsored by Parlo Tours link

However, the company added that work to repair the pylon and restore Kabul's power supply had been started.

This is the second time that the Taliban outfit has been accused of destroying power pylon and cutting electricity to Kabul and other provinces over the past one month.