Trump Vs Clinton latest polls after 2nd presidential debate

Trump Vs Clinton latest polls after 2nd presidential debate

WASHINGTON (APP) - Polls suggest that Hillary Clinton won Sunday's bitter US presidential debate against Republican rival Donald Trump as he struggles to shake off a wave of criticism over lewd remarks about women.

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But the snap surveys of debate watchers showed a less decisive victory for the Democratic candidate than when the two presidential hopefuls first went head-to-head last month.

A CNN/ORC poll of viewers gave Clinton a clear win in St Louis on Sunday, with 57 percent saying she won as opposed to 34 percent for Trump.

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But a YouGov survey showed a narrower victory, with 47 percent of registered voters who watched the debate saying she prevailed and 42 percent saying Donald Trump did. The rest said it was a tie.

Viewers had been more in agreement at the last debate that the former first lady and ex-Secretary of State had emerged victorious, when 62 percent of those surveyed for CNN/ORC said she won.