ICC suspends Cricket Board membership of top Cricketing Country

ICC suspends Cricket Board membership of top Cricketing Country

In a noteworthy development, the International Cricket Council (ICC) Board has taken the decisive step of suspending the membership of Sri Lankan Cricket.

This action is a direct response to the alleged breach of obligations by the Sri Lanka Cricket Board as an ICC member, particularly concerning unwarranted government interference in the administration of the sport. The ICC's choice to suspend the membership of the Sri Lankan Cricket Board reflects its unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of unbiased and independent governance in the realm of cricket.

The suspension of the Sri Lankan board is rooted in apprehensions regarding government influence and meddling, which are considered incompatible with the established regulations of the ICC. This move by the ICC underscores its proactive approach to preserving the integrity and autonomy of cricket administration.

By addressing concerns of external interference, especially from governmental entities, the ICC aims to shield the sport from influences that could potentially compromise its governance and operational integrity.

The suspension stands as a clear message from the ICC, serving as a reminder to cricket boards worldwide about the critical importance of adhering to the organization's standards of autonomy and transparency.

It reiterates the necessity for cricket entities globally to abide by the ICC's guidelines to ensure the continued independence and integrity of cricket administration.