Saudi Arabia express interest in buying JF-17 fighter jets from Pakistan:FO

Saudi Arabia express interest in buying JF-17 fighter jets from Pakistan:FO

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria, in response to a question about media reports regarding the violation of Indus Water Treaty by India, said that Pakistan has approached the World Bank for the establishment of a court of arbitration on this issue.

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To a question, he said that Saudi Arabia has expressed interest in purchasing JF-17 Thunder and Mashshak trainer aircraft from Pakistan, and the concerned authorities were holding discussions in this respect.

He said as Pakistan has achieved significant progress in the area of science and technology, various countries have expressed their interest to benefit from it.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have close and deep-rooted ties and the presence of three million Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia further strengthened these ties, he added.

Nafees Zakaria said Chief of Saudi Royal Air Force Gen. Mohammed Saleh Al Otaibi visited Pakistan on the invitation of Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman.

Pakistan to sale JF 17 fighter jets to Sri Lanka

To a question, he said, Pakistan wished to see peace and stability in Afghanistan, as peace in Afghanistan was in the interest of Pakistan.

He referred to Pakistan's efforts including the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) process for peace in Afghanistan and said that Pakistan would continue to play its role to achieve this goal.

"Pakistan wants the warring factions in Afghanistan to come to the negotiation table," he added.

Nafees Zakaria also mentioned the earlier allocation of $ 500 million by Pakistan for development projects in Afghanistan and said the country has pledged another $ 500 million for reconstruction in Afghanistan.

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To a question, the Foreign Office Spokesperson said, the recent killing of eight Haqqani Group leaders in Afghanistan, showed where the Haqqani group people were.

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