Ishratul Ibad: Why Governor Sindh is removed?

Ishratul Ibad: Why Governor Sindh is removed?

KARACHI: Governor Sindh Dr. Ishratul Ibad has unceremoniously been removed from his post after a long period of 14 years.

Governor Sindh to be replaced: Who is the new nominee?

Many speculations have been made regarding the reason for the removal of the governor Sindh .

However the Dual nationality became the main reason behind removal of Ishratul Ibad as the governor of Sindh.

Ishratul Ibad remained governor of Sindh for 14 years but then Pak SarZameen Party (PSP) chairman Mustafa Kamal accused him of having dual nationality..

Ch. Nisar holds meeting with Governor Sindh

Ishratul Ibad reacted furiously in Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Saath , which also become one of the causes behind his departure.

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