UN Report exposes Afghan intelligence NDS conspiracy against Pakistan

UN Report exposes Afghan intelligence NDS conspiracy against Pakistan

KABUL - The Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan reacted at the recent report published by the UN mission in Afghanistan regarding the deadly airstrike in Kunduz.

The United Nations Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said late on Monday that the latest findings by the mission indicate that 36 civilians were killed and 71 others were wounded in the airstrike in Dasht Archi district.

However, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) in a statement, said the intelligence reports received by the ministry indicates that several Taliban militants including 18 of their commanders were killed in the raid. Afghan intelligence NDS has blamed that Pakistan based militants were present in the attack, however UN report has refuted NDS claims.

The statement further added that a member of the Quetta Council of the Taliban Mulah Baryal was also among those killed and several others including 12 commanders of the group were wounded.

In the meantime, MoD confirmed the deaths of 9 civilians while stating that 55 others sustained injuries in the airstrike.

According to MoD, the civilians were used as human shields by the militants while the airstrike was carried out.

The Ministry of Defense emphasizes that the armed forces remains committed to take all necessary measures to ensure the civilians are not harmed during the operations.

The statement also adds that government and security institutions are committed to take legal actions against any personnel of the armed forces found guilty of negligence during the operations.

MoD believes that the recent UNAMA report has been prepared based on the accounts of the individuals living in the areas under the control of the Taliban and have been forced to provide incorrect information.