India destabilizing entire region by intensifying arms race: Analysts

India destabilizing entire region by intensifying arms race: Analysts

ISLAMABAD: IR Expert Dr Zafar Nawaz Jaspal on Thursday said that Pakistan has always strived for well-established relations with its neighbours but the India is destabilizing not just Kashmir but the entire region by intensifying the arm race.

While talking in a talk on Radio Pakistan's Nukta Nazar programe, Pakistan wanted to resolve this prolonged issue amicably and was making all out sincere efforts at internal fora for this purpose.

He also asserted that International community will find a permanent solution to Kashmir issue as Pakistan was showing flexibility just for the cause of peace in the region.

The Military modernization and importing weapons of mass destruction will disturb the balance of power and poses a great threat to regional peace and stability, he mentioned.

He added India is going to modernize its weapon technology to follow their doctrine to dominate the neighboring countries especially Pakistan.

Another Defense Expert Dr Muhammad Khan said that Pakistan is a responsible and peace loving country, and believes in the peaceful relations with all its neighboring countries.

Our multi layered security mechanism makes our nuclear program one of the safest in the world, he said.
"We have maintained strict and secure mechanism for safety of the nuclear weapons. We believe in the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Pakistan nuclear program is unique and safe on every level and under highly sophisticated nuclear program no power on the earth can dare to do any misadventure with Pakistan, he added.

Expert said the real purpose of the nuclear technology is to protect our motherland from malicious agendas and aggressive behaviors of the enemies. We have always endorsed any initiative taken for peace and stability in the region. APP

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