Arab Fashion Week kicks off on Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship

Arab Fashion Week kicks off on Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship

DUBAI - As the abaya witnesses a global resurgence, the sixth edition of Arab Fashion Week opened Wednesday with fallen angels, Rococo corsets, cupcake headbands and nary a kaftan in sight. Billed as an official fashion week alongside the famed Paris, Milan and London shows, the Arab edition of fashion week is the sole event dedicated entirely to ready-couture and pre-collections.

Hosted on the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship, the show, which prides itself on its Arab name, opened with angel-inspired and baroque kitsch collections by designers from Russia, Portugal, the UAE, the Philippines, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and more.

Designer Furone One, loved in Dubai for his ethereal designs, opened the four-day affair with his “White Noise” resort collection, inspired by angels both cherubin and fallen. With winged white liner, pearl teardrops beneath their eyes and nude fishnet stockings, his models walked the runway in hot-pants, tea-length dresses, mermaid gowns and sheer flowing capes, draped head-to-toe in lace, voile and crystals.

“The inspiration about this collection is angels. White angels, fallen angels all kinds of angels, who are here on earth -- because we don’t know,” said One, whose popular collections are frequently inspired by mythical creatures. “Angels are with us. They’re with everybody.”

Russia’s Tatiana V. Lyalina paid tribute to Marie Antoinette with a Rococo-inspired collection featuring pink heart-print pantsuits underneath bright blue fur stoles, teal velvet gowns with brooches, glitter knee boots, corsets and cupcake headbands.