A new low emerges in Pakistan US diplomatic ties

A new low emerges in Pakistan US diplomatic ties

ISLAMABAD – A new low comes to Pakistan US ties as the Trump administration has confirmed that Pakistani diplomats could not roam around freely in the United States without seeking permission from relevant authorities.

According to media reports, the restrictions would be applicable from tomorrow (Friday), moreover, the US State Department has informed the Pakistani embassy in Washington about the development.

Officials of the embassy and four consulates are required to get permission from the state department five days before going beyond the set limits.

Earlier, the US State Department had confirmed via email that there were “no restrictions on travel for Pakistani diplomats in the United States” despite reports that they will soon be subjected to new travel restrictions.

The reports came amid heightened tensions between Islamabad and Washington over the travel restrictions imposed by Pakistan on US officials.

It is worth mentioning that, the diplomatic tussle between the two countries started when an American diplomat rammed his vehicle into a Pakistani citizen, following which he succumbed to his injuries.