PM Nawaz wants friendship with Modi who is murderer of Gujrat Muslims: Bilawal 

PM Nawaz wants friendship with Modi who is murderer of Gujrat Muslims: Bilawal 

AZAD KASHMIR: PPP Chairman Bilwal Butto said that PPP has always considered freedom of Kashmir as party mission while Kashmiris should be given right of self-determination.

While addressing a rally here at today in Bagh AJK, Bilawal lashed out at Indian PM Narendra Modi saying that today such person is ruling in India who was involved in the killing of innocent people in Gujrat.

Modi is murderer of several Muslims in Gujrat but our PM Nawaz is making friendship with him which would not be accepted at any cost, Bilwal added stating that several countries consider Modi as terrorist and avoid to issue him visa while Muslims were killed for three years under the supervision of Modi.

Demanding the resignation of PM Nawaz, Bilawal claimed that the election of Kashmir is historic and not usual one and if PML-N wins the election in Kashmir then he would consider that people are supporters of Nawaz Modi friendship.

PM Nawaz statements have put him in trouble now and he should clarify himself over the revelations of Panama leaks, and resign from his position, Bilawal elaborated adding that PML-N government has failed to deliver the people of Pakistan as poverty is rising rapidly in country.

He further pointed out that government has failed to protect the rights of minorities as five churches are being demolished for the orange line metro train.

While expressing his happiness over the recovery of Ali Haider Gilani, Bilawal said that his brother has got freedom and he is very happy.