US responds over Pakistan crackdown against militant groups

US responds over Pakistan crackdown against militant groups

WASHINGTON: The United States Thursday acknowledged Pakistan's crackdown on terror groups and urged Islamabad to make these steps sustained and irreversible.

"We note Pakistan’s steps against terrorist groups and continue to urge Pakistan to take sustained, irreversible action against terrorist groups that will prevent future attacks and promote regional stability," the State Department's deputy spokesperson Robert Palladino said during a media briefing here.

Pakistan Tuesday moved against a number of terror groups and took a total of 44 members of proscribed groups into preventive detention. Among them were Abdul Rauf, Azhar's brother and Hammad Azhar, the JeM chief's son.

The spokesperson said the US views about Jaish-e-Mohammad were well-known. He said the group was a United Nations' designated terrorist organization responsible for terrorist attacks and was a threat to regional stability.

"Masood Azhar is the founder and leader of JeM," Palladino said, adding that the UN Sanctions Committee deliberations were confidential.

"We will continue to work with the Sanctions Committee," he said without giving out any further details.

The department reiterates its call for Pakistan to abide by its United Nations Security Council commitments to deny terrorists sanctuary and block their access to funds, he added.