Macron urges Trump to hold 'tough talks' with N.Korea

Macron urges Trump to hold 'tough talks' with N.Korea

Paris:French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday called for "tough talks" with Pyongyang as he spoke to Donald Trump and hailed plans for a historic meeting between the US and North Korean leaders.

"The international community must maintain its unity for tough talks with North Korea to pave the way for a denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula," Macron's office quoted him as telling the US president in a telephone call.

The move is a high-stakes encounter for both Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un, who have traded insults in the past and threatened to wipe out each other out.

News of the summit, which South Korean President Moon Jae-in said was "like a miracle", is the latest step in a quickening detente.

North and South Korea exchanged envoys as Pyongyang sent a delegation to the South's Winter Olympics, which Seoul had dubbed the "Peace Games".

The thaw came after a period of extreme tension between Washington and Pyongyang. APP/AFP