I am not liar but your county political leaders are liars, Raymond Davis to Pakistanis


LAHORE – CIA Agent Raymond Davis latest interview in the BBC has stirred another controversy in the Pakistan with his latest allegations against the political leadership of the country.

CIA contractor Raymond Davis while talking about his recently published memoir ‘The Contractor’ has said that majority of the people in Pakistan call him a liar while in fact their own leaders have misled them but they are not questioned.

“Many people in Pakistan do not believe in my story while in fact their own leaders have told lies and they should be questioned for it,” Davis said while speaking in the BBC programme ‘Weekend’.

Davis said that he can understand that the people are sentimental about the issue as the incident happened on Pakistani soil. “But, after all it is my story and the people should also try to see the whole matter from my point of view and question leaders of their country about their ever-changing statements,” he said.

Davis insisted that the people he mentioned in his book are now declaring him a liar. “They have their own versions and things they want to say but it is just disapponting that they would go to this extent to try to discredit me and slander my name.”