Does Pakistan has strategy to preserve AquaCulture?

Does Pakistan has strategy to preserve AquaCulture?

LAHORE, July 10 (APP): Global warming has not only

affected all living things but also the aquaculture.

The Punjab Fisheries Department has urged experts on

fisheries, universities and research institutions all-over the

country to suggest practicable ways to overcome this issue, a

senior official of the department told APP, here on Sunday.

He said that the authorities concerned want to formulate a

comprehensive policy in this regard.

He said that the department has already organised a series

of awareness sessions to highlight importance of the issue.

He said that Pakistan is highly vulnerable to the effects,

cast by climate change.

Countries like Pakistan has to change their strategies to

deal with such situations on emergent grounds and revolutionise

their institutions, he added.

The higher temperature may negatively affect the growth

process of aquaculture, fish-biodiversity and breeding of

different creatures, he said.

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