PTI to initiate million tree Tsunami in Karachi

PTI to initiate million tree Tsunami in Karachi

PESHAWAR:Central leader of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf Arif Alvi MNA has said that Peshawar Metro Project would leave behind other similar projects in the country both in terms of cost and facilities wise.

Addressing a press conference here Friday, the PTI leader said that the better aspect of the Peshawar Metro which made it different than other similar projects was its not being subsidized.

The PTI leader said that Imran Khan was very touchy regarding matters related to environment and that is why, we are planning to initiate Million Tree Tsunami program in Karachi soon.

The Billion Tree Tsunami Project was a success story of the KP government he said adding while the Sindh province was left barren.

He said that World Bank report stated that twenty thousand people died every year due to various types of pollution while over one lack children admitted due to same problems in the hospital.

The KP would be ahead in coming five to ten years in the development process.

He contended that there were cogent laws relating to corruption but in Sindh and Punjab there were no such legislation.

He appreciated performance of the KP Police in tracking down the murder case of minor girl Asma in record 25 days. The KP police traced the Asma murder case through a drop of blood over a sugarcane leaf in Mardan.

He also lauded the performance of KP police for presenting solid cases against the accused in the court and got them convicted.

He said there was no pressure on the KP police and it was functioning apolitical and independent manner.

To a question PTI leader agreed that it’s a fact that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was not getting due coverage on the electronic media which it deserved.

The PTI leader maintained that after comparing Sindh with KP, he finds the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa much better in all respect and tangible change has been witnessed in the province.

He told the media men that Peshawar Zoo, being the biggest one in the country, would be inaugurated on February 12 (Monday) by the PTI Government in the province for which it deserved full credit.APP/AFP

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