Pakistan to continue taking measures to deter external aggression: FO

Pakistan to continue taking measures to deter external aggression: FO

ISLAMABAD:Foreign Office Spokesman Dr Muhammad Faisal says Pakistan will continue to take measures to deter external aggression in accordance with its defence needs and region- specific threat spectrum.

Addressing weekly news briefing in Islamabad on Friday, he said all states have legitimate right to pursue peaceful use of nuclear technology and Pakistan firmly commits to its policy of restraint in this connection, and expects the same from others.  

He said strategic stability in the region is a shared responsibility and must be adhered to by all states for sustainable peace.

Responding to a question about Indian Amy Chief's statement about the martyrdoms along the Line of Control, the Spokesman said such statements are a reflection of Indian mindset while Pakistan still believes in peaceful neighborhood, which must be reciprocated by others.

He said Indian involvement in acts of sabotage in Pakistan is no secret and the case of Kulbhushan Yadav bears witness to the fact.

To another question about a recent bill tabled in the US House of Representatives, the Spokesman said we are closely monitoring the bill but it is in preliminary stages.

He said Pakistan has decided not to seek US assistance in future and we place it on record that past assistance had served the mutual interests of the two countries, and this fact has been acknowledged repeatedly by the United States.

To a question about Afghanistan, Dr Faisal said positive engagement with Afghanistan continues and we believe that an end to conflict through political process and dialogue is a must for ensuring peace in the region.    

About Maldives, Dr Faisal said Pakistan has longstanding relations with Maldives and expects that issues settle there as per law and democracy ensured there.

The Spokesman said four joint working groups between Pakistan and China on energy, transport and infrastructure, Gwadar and security continue to hold consultations and the Chinese delegation is in Islamabad for the meeting of fourth Group on Security.

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