Hatred against glorious history of Islam in India: BJP MP who changed Aurangzeb Road name awarded for ‘courage’

Hatred against glorious history of Islam in India: BJP MP who changed Aurangzeb Road name awarded for ‘courage’

NEW DELHI: In India, the level of hatred against Muslims reached at horrific proportions never seen before. According to the 2011 Census, the Muslims comprise 14.4 per cent of India’s total population and there are roughly 174 million Muslims living in India. They are the third-largest Muslim population anywhere in the world, after Indonesia and Pakistan. But still the Indian government to use the word ‘minority’ for them, therefore, is misleading.

But just how oppressed are Muslims in India? We can realize it by every day stories publish in Indian daily newspapers. Indian Muslims, in fact, are oppressed and even can never still breathe a sigh of relief. This sense of marginalisation has been steadily increasing since the rise to prominence of Hindu right-wing ideologies. Now the country has become Hindu ka India. 

Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad commonly known as Aurangzeb Aalmgir (Conqueror of the World) was the sixth, and widely considered the last effective Mughal emperor. His reign lasted for 49 years from 1658 until his death in 1707. Aurangzeb was a notable expansionist and during his reign, the Mughal Empire reached its greatest extent, ruling over nearly all of the Indian subcontinent. During his lifetime, victories in the south expanded the Mughal Empire to 4 million square kilometres, and he ruled over a population estimated to be over 158 million subjects. Under his reign, India surpassed China once again to become the world's largest economy, worth over $90 billion, nearly a quarter of world GDP in 1700. Hitory tells us Aurangzeb employed significantly more Hindus in his imperial bureaucracy than his predecessors did, and opposed bigotry against Hindus. 

But despites these facts what happens today discrimination towards Muslims and socio-economic deprivation among them have increased as compared to other religious groups in India.

Today story is about BJP MP who changed Aurangzeb Road name awarded for ‘courage’.

Aaj ki bhasha mein Aurangzeb terrorist hai,” said BJP MP from east Delhi Maheish Girri, minutes after he received the Shivaji Award of Courage for “changing the name of Aurangzeb Road”. 

Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu was to inaugurate the event and give the award, but skipped the event in last moment. 

The road was renamed on August 28, 2015 by the NDMC, a month after Girri wrote to the PM and Delhi CM on “correcting the mistakes made in our history.”

Speaking about Aurangzeb, Gautier said, “Aurangzeb believed in one religion, converted people and razed temples. How can the capital have a road named after him? I thought it was wrong, so I took steps to get it corrected… I got threats but eventually the name was changed,” Girri said.

Girri said, “… such a dark phase of our history should not be brought to light. APP

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