Another twist in MQM rift

Another twist in MQM rift

KARACHI - The members of MQM-P Rabita Committee (MQM-P) have announced withdrawal of letter written to Election Commission of Pakistan claiming the Rabita Committee has the right to award election tickets.

Addressing joint press conference at Bhudarabad office member of Rabita Committee Kanwar Naveed Jamil accompanied with other members- Amir Khan, Khalid Maqbool, Waseem Akhter and others, he announced that committee has decided to withdraw its letter to election commission over the awarding the election tickets.

“All the members of Rabita Committee are going to PIB office to meet with Farooq Sattar after receiving the message of Farooq Sattar by some old party leaders,” he said.

During the press conference the environment turned mourning when Deputy Convener MQM RC busted and tears were rolling on his cheeks.

While talking to media, amid tear busting from his eyes, he said that he would never become party convener in his entire life.“I will not reply of any allegation leveled on me as my aim was only to save party,” he said. He reminded that he had offered apology before more than five thousands people before re-joining MQM on May 22, 2011.Talking on the occasion Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said, “Buhadrabad is the office of MQM and Farooq Bhai should run the party affairs by sitting here.”

He also mentioned Rabita Committee members will go to Farooq Bhai home for further talks.