After India, Pakistan also mulls option of making Tripple Talaq a crime in the country


ISLAMABAD - After the Indian government initiative of the Tripple talaq ban Pakistan is also considering making Tripple Talaq a crime in the country.

Chairman of Islamic Ideology Council Qibla Ayaz has said that “triple divorce” should be a punishable crime and he will submit a resolution regarding it in the parliament, *Express News* reported.

“We are preparing a bill pertaining to this matter and it will be sent to the law ministry for prescribing a suitable punishment,” he added while giving an interview to *BBC Urdu*.

“In case of a triple divorce, the divorce will be considered valid. However the last decision rests with the Qazi in the court,” said Ayaz as he responded to a question.

“Unfortunately the impression created about women is that we only make them a basis of our arguments but we have even made some recommendations for the rights of women.”

While answering another question, he said that Maulana Sheerani’s remarks are his personal opinion.

“There are no restrictions on women for taking part in economic activities if they keep themselves within the limit of modesty and chastity.”