Battle for Mosul: Iraqi Army last battle in ISIS Headquarters 


Since launching an offensive on October 17 to oust IS from its last Iraqi stronghold , pro-government forces say they have recaptured almost half of eastern Mosul and are edging towards the Tigris river that divides it.

The elite Counter-Terrorism Service has retaken several eastern neighbourhoods and was fighting on Friday in Al-Noor district, just over three kilometres (two miles) from the river.

Hashed al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation) paramilitary forces have been fighting on a western front. On Thursday they were clearing Tal Abtah of bombs and booby traps after a fierce, days-long fight to retake it.

Iraqi forces on the southern front have halted within striking distance of IS-held Mosul airport, while the northern front has frozen in recent days.

The United Nations says a total of 82,000 people are currently displaced as a result of the Mosul operation .




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