Pakistan Army earns praise from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Pakistan Army earns praise from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

LONDON - Pakistan Army has earned praise from the British Queen Elizabeth for its high standard of professionalism and training skills.

A platoon of cadets at UK's Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), led by a Pakistan Army major, has been declared as the best platoon of the course this year for demonstrating outstanding skills.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth praising the Pakistani officer for “outstanding achievement.”

Major Umar Farooq from Pakistan Army joined British Army’s military academy last year as an instructor — taking over from Major Uqbah who returned to Pakistan last year after serving as the first Pakistani military instructor. UK’s chief of General Staff Gen Mark Carlton Smith was the chief guest.

On Friday, Sovereign’s Parade of Commission Course 173 was held at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, with UK’s Chief of General Staff General Mark Carlton Smith as the chief guest. Major Farooq was platoon commander of the course and trained cadets for over a year.

Out of eight platoons, his was declared the best platoon of the course at the ceremony, which was attended by a large number of people, including retired and serving military officers, families of cadets and ambassadors from dozens of countries.

Pakistan High Commissioner Sahebzada Ahmed Khan attended the parade and congratulated Major Farooq and his platoon for achieving this coveted position.