Pakistan Russia ties strengthen as Pak exports to Moscow increased

Pakistan Russia ties strengthen as Pak exports to Moscow increased
ISLAMABAD:  Pakistan’s exports to Russia increased by 10 percent in June, 2017 as compared to May 2017, which
showed positive sign for enhancing the trade ties between the two countries.

Pakistan and Russia have agreed to sign Free Trade Agreement
for increasing bilateral trade and improving long term economic
ties, said senior official of Ministry of commerce here on Thursday.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin during his meeting with then
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines of Shanghai Cooperation
Organization (SCO) offered the agreement, which Pakistan accepted,”
he added.

He said the trade turnover between Russia and Pakistan has
slightly increased and both of the countries have huge potential for
economic cooperation in future, he said.

He said that Pakistan is exploring Russian markets to boost
exports of food products to take advantage of the vacuum created
after Moscow banned food imports from European countries.

The official said that Pakistani citrus, rice, potatoes and mangoes are making their way into the Russian market.

He said Pakistan had huge opportunity to export fresh meat and poultry, vegetables which include carrot,cabbage and beet-root, and fruits including dates, dry fruits, apple and plum in Russian

The government is committed to support Pakistani exporters for
gaining facilities to increase excess and competitiveness in the Russian markets.

Both sides were also willing to sign Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) before the FTA to get excess to Russian market for enhancing trade facilities to the exporters.