Pakistan to become permanent member of BRICS?

Pakistan to become permanent member of BRICS?

Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani has stated that Pakistan's stance on the evolving political situation in the world is clear. We are not part of any bloc's politics, whereas we seek equal relations with both the United States and China.

The Foreign Minister briefed the Senate committee on Pakistan's efforts to gain full membership in BRICS, highlighting the utmost importance of the United States to us, given the global economic repercussions of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

He shed light on BRICS' history and objectives, where recently Saudi Arabia, UAE, Argentina, Egypt, and Ethiopia were granted membership. Pakistan's inclusion in this group depends on consensus among the current members. Pakistan is actively seeking opportunities to be a part of this group due to its goals of restructuring international financial frameworks and reducing reliance on the dollar.

"The consultation with relevant stakeholders is ongoing for Pakistan's inclusion in BRICS," said the Foreign Minister.

Furthermore, concerns were raised during the session by Indian senators regarding a possible veto from India regarding Pakistan's inclusion in BRICS.

"The inclusion in BRICS will allow Pakistan to represent itself on an important international forum," assured the Foreign Minister.

He expressed confidence that seeking such a veto within any member group jeopardizes its own standing and affirmed Pakistan's commitment to not being involved in any bloc's politics, whose aim is to maintain positive relations with all nations.

Answering questions about Pakistan's relations with the United States, the Foreign Minister shed light on the global repercussions of conflicts such as Russia and Ukraine.