Pakistan sends a strong message to Afghanistan government

Pakistan sends a strong message to Afghanistan government

The Charge d'affaires of Afghanistan in Pakistan recently engaged in diplomatic discussions with Pakistan's Special Envoy for Afghanistan, aiming to address the ongoing issue surrounding the Torkham border crossing that connects the two nations. However, this diplomatic encounter unfolded against a backdrop of heightened tensions.

Pakistan voiced its concerns regarding the actions of Afghan forces, who had attempted to construct a border post on what Pakistan claims as its own territory. These tensions had escalated to the point of an exchange of fire between troops, leading to the border's closure.

In light of the recent events, Pakistan was resolute in asserting its position, firmly stating that it would not compromise its territorial integrity. Special Envoy Asif Durrani emphasized to Afghan Charge d'affaires Sardar Ahmed Shakeeb that the construction of the border post was viewed as an occupation of Pakistani territory. Additionally, sources revealed that Afghan officials were informed that their country's soil had been used as a launching point for a terrorist attack on Pakistan's border district of Chitral.

The Afghan Charge d'affaires expressed his concerns over the closure of the Torkham border crossing, highlighting the hardships faced by people on both sides of the border. Meanwhile, Asif Durrani assured the Afghan diplomat that Pakistan intended to reopen the border in the near future.

Despite this assurance, the border remained shut for a third consecutive day, causing significant disruptions to trade, including dozens of stranded trucks loaded with perishable goods, and affecting Afghan nationals traveling to Peshawar for medical treatment or trade. The situation at the Torkham border remained a complex and pressing issue between the two neighboring nations.