Nawaz Sharif breaks silence about his return to Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif breaks silence about his return to Pakistan

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has stated that he will return to Pakistan next month. According to Geo News, the leader of the Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has discussed his return to the country for the first time. Nawaz Sharif held a meeting with party leaders on Friday, where he discussed his return to the homeland for the first time. Shahbaz Sharif, Chaudhry Tanveer, Daniyal Chaudhry, Chaudhry Nadeem Khadim, and Dr. Anjum were present at the party meeting.

The PML-N sources say that the announcement of Nawaz Sharif's return date will be made in the next ten days. Before his return, the PML-N has decided to initiate a public outreach and awareness campaign. According to party sources, important instructions have been issued to former party members in the national and provincial assemblies, ticket holders, former municipal representatives, and party officials. Party leaders have been instructed to educate the new generation about Nawaz Sharif's development projects.

Former members of the national and provincial assemblies have been given instructions to accelerate public engagement in their respective constituencies. Party leaders have also been instructed to effectively promote Nawaz Sharif's development projects on social media and at the grassroots level.

Awareness should be raised about the measures taken by the Nawaz government to combat terrorism and load shedding on social media and at the grassroots level. Motorways and road network projects across the country should also be highlighted, along with advancements in agriculture, the establishment of new markets, and the construction of roads from farms to markets to inform the public and the youth.

Active workers have been directed to establish more connections with the youth in their constituencies and create awareness about why Nawaz Sharif is essential for Pakistan. Party officials have been urged to provide a strong and effective response to PTI's propaganda against the Muslim League (N) and Nawaz Sharif.

Despite the worst acts of revenge from 2017 to 2022, Nawaz Sharif's resilience and love for the country should be emphasized, and preparations should be made to welcome a large number of people from their respective constituencies on the occasion of the party leader's return.