Major reason behind rise in electricity prices revealed

Major reason behind rise in electricity prices revealed

Actions have been initiated against 1914 officers involved in electricity theft, corruption in electricity billing, and institutions involved in the electricity crisis. The major reason behind the increase in electricity bills and the electricity crisis nationwide was the theft of electricity by corrupt officers in institutions.

An operation has been launched against these corrupt officers involved in electricity theft, and actions have been taken against them during the operation. In addition, cases of electricity theft involving more than 2199 instances have come to light from various distribution companies, including 351 from LESCO, 138 from GEPCO, 195 from FESCO, 21 from IESCO, 314 from MEPCO, 299 from PESCO, 112 from HESCO, and 86 from SEPCO. Inquiries have been initiated against these officers.

On the other hand, according to a spokesperson from MEPCO, a former MPA from the People's Party has been found involved in electricity theft, and MEPCO has apprehended him for electricity theft at his residence. The former MPA had set up illegal connections and direct wires in a farm house covering an area of 15 acres. There were more than 12 air conditioners running in the farm house. Legal action has been initiated against the former MPA for his involvement in electricity theft.

Meanwhile, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has continued its operation against electricity thieves for the third day. During the operation on the third day, 248 connections involved in electricity theft were discovered in all circles. According to LESCO's spokesperson, FIRs related to electricity theft have been registered at relevant police stations, including 141 FIRs registered in Sialkot. Furthermore, a LESCO employee involved in electricity theft has been arrested in Okara.

Among the connections that were caught, 4 were industrial, 6 were agricultural, 2 were commercial, and 239 were domestic. All these connections have been disconnected, and they have been charged with a total of 861,061 units of electricity. The total amount charged for these units is three crore sixty-five lakh nineteen thousand and eighty-five rupees.