FIA puts 1000 influential and high ranking officials on stop list

FIA puts 1000 influential and high ranking officials on stop list

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has reported a significant surge in the number of individuals suspected of various wrongdoing being added to the stop list or no-fly list, surpassing a staggering figure of 1,000. This development reflects a concerted effort by higher authorities to tighten their grip on influential figures believed to be responsible for exacerbating the ongoing economic crisis.

Sources within the FIA have disclosed that this stop list comprises names of associates closely linked to prominent individuals, including officers associated with former Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.

Notably, the list does not discriminate based on political affiliations, as it encompasses several political figures and government officers from the previous administration, further extending its reach to encompass businesspersons, real estate developers, and industrialists.

The criteria for inclusion are diverse, encompassing allegations of corruption, tax evasion, involvement in illegal financial transactions like hawala hundi, and smuggling of various commodities such as currency, sugar, and petrol. Furthermore, even donors of a political party have found themselves listed among those under scrutiny.

In response to this escalating situation, immigration personnel stationed at the country's airports have been issued directives to prevent individuals on the stop list from traveling abroad. This intensified action comes on the heels of an earlier move where Customs officers facing charges related to 'speed money' were placed on the FIA's stop list, effectively restricting their ability to flee the country.

Among the accused officers were Customs Collectors Saqif Saeed, Usman Bajwa, and Amir Them, with Yawar Abbas and Tariq Mehmood already in custody due to corruption allegations. Additionally, the notorious chalia smuggler, Imran Noorani, also saw his name added to the stop list.

This concerted effort by the FIA and other relevant authorities signifies a determined stance against corruption and malpractice within various sectors, aiming to bring those accountable to justice and prevent potential flight abroad to evade prosecution