FIA given unprecedented special powers for crackdown across country

FIA given unprecedented special powers for crackdown across country

On Friday, the caretaker government took a significant step in the fight against smuggling by granting the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) new powers and authority. This pivotal decision was made during a meeting led by Senator Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti, the caretaker Interior Minister.

A formal letter has been issued to outline the extent of the FIA's newly acquired powers. These powers will allow the FIA to address the pressing issue of smuggling more effectively.

One of the key aspects of this decision is that the FIA now has the authority to take necessary actions at all entry and exit points concerning foreign currencies. This development is expected to bolster efforts to control the illegal movement of money in and out of the country. Additionally, FIA zonal directors have received instructions to maintain daily reporting to the agency's headquarters through established channels.

During the meeting chaired by PM Kakar, a comprehensive overview of the smuggling situation, particularly in border areas, was presented. It was highlighted that 10 additional law enforcement check posts had been established in Balochistan to combat smuggling.

The caretaker prime minister stressed the importance of preparing an inter-agency report to identify officers involved in smuggling and called for strong departmental action against them. PM Kakar also emphasized that the smuggling of petroleum products was negatively impacting revenue and foreign exchange reserves, necessitating a proactive approach.

To ensure accountability and continued efforts against smuggling, PM Anwaarul Haq Kakar announced his intention to chair weekly meetings for reviewing institutional performance and addressing the smuggling menace. This commitment reflects the government's determination to combat this long-standing issue and protect the country's economic interests