ECP takes significant step over conduct of General Elections transparency

ECP takes significant step over conduct of General Elections transparency

The Election Commission of Pakistan has taken significant steps to modernize its electoral processes ahead of the upcoming general elections. To enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the electoral system, the ECP has introduced the Election Management System (EMS) for electronic result collection and management.

In its commitment to ensuring a smooth transition to this new system, the Election Commission has initiated training sessions for its election staff. These training programs are aimed at equipping the operators with the necessary skills to effectively utilize the EMS.

The ECP's dedication to the training process is evident in its communication with provincial election commissioners, wherein it has communicated the importance of this endeavor.

The EMS training sessions are scheduled to take place from September 14 to 16, providing ample time for the election staff to familiarize themselves with the system's functionalities. It's noteworthy that earlier in July, regional, provincial, and district election commissioners had already undergone training, reflecting the Election Commission of Pakistan's commitment to a seamless transition towards the use of the Election Management System in the forthcoming general elections.

This technological upgrade marks a significant step forward in the modernization of Pakistan's electoral procedures, promising more transparent and efficient elections in the future