MUST READ: PTA warns public against new innovative way of fraud scam

MUST READ: PTA warns public against new innovative way of fraud scam

Through mobile phones, fraudulent activities and cybercrime have become more prevalent, with fraudsters employing artificial intelligence and new technology. They use specially crafted software to mimic the voices of household members and then engage in blackmail by sending messages to citizens.

According to reports, even security personnel have been involved in fraud incidents, and artificial intelligence has made it easier for impostors. Using software based on artificial intelligence, criminals have deceived citizens and created new methods of cybercrime. The police have advised users to keep their ears and eyes open.

Criminals first record the voice of someone close to their victim using software, and then they use that voice to make deceptive or threatening calls, demanding money.

Many citizens have fallen victim to this method. Using technology, fraudsters are also obtaining information and stealing money from consumers through calls and messages to bank helplines.

According to the police, criminals are using fake SIM cards for fraud. The rate of reporting fraud incidents to the police has also increased.

The police have started working on strengthening the department responsible for resolving complaints related to fraud by PTAs. In addition to accelerating public awareness campaigns in this regard, it has been decided to enhance cooperation with the FIA.