International Airlines flight makes emergency landing at Karachi Airport

International Airlines flight makes emergency landing at Karachi Airport

During a flight from Muscat to Islamabad, a tragic incident unfolded as a passenger named Besharat, hailing from Bagh Azad Jammu Kashmir, passed away mid-flight. The unexpected event prompted the flight to make an emergency landing at Jinnah International Airport Karachi.

Upon arrival, the solemn task of handling the deceased passenger's remains was entrusted to the Karachi Airport staff.

Notably, this unfortunate incident echoes a recent occurrence involving an Indian passenger who also lost his life mid-flight while returning to Chennai International Airport from Muscat. According to reports from the Times of India, the passenger's demise was suspected to be due to a cardiac arrest. He had been employed in Muscat and was on his way home for a well-deserved vacation.

Upon the aircraft's arrival at the airport, a poignant scene unfolded as the deceased passenger, in an unusual turn of events, remained seated even after all other passengers had disembarked. The cabin crew initially assumed he was asleep and made efforts to rouse him. However, their attempts were met with silence, and they soon discovered the passenger was unresponsive. With great urgency, they alerted the ground authorities.

Swiftly, a medical team was dispatched, and they transported the passenger to the airport's emergency medical center. Tragically, medical professionals at the center confirmed the passenger's passing, marking a somber conclusion to this in-flight emergency.