Former PM Imran Khan being slow poisoned in Adiala jail?

Former PM Imran Khan being slow poisoned in Adiala jail?

Imran Khan's attorney, Sardar Latif Khosa, asserted on Monday during a hearing at the Islamabad High Court that the former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman was slowly being subjected to poisoning while imprisoned at Adiala Jail.

Khosa made these allegations while appearing in court to appeal against a district court's decision related to a criminal case concerning Imran Khan and the Toshakhana issue. Before entering the courthouse, Khosa briefly spoke to the media, expressing deep concerns about Imran's safety and health in jail due to alleged "slow poison" administration.

He mentioned that this issue had been raised before the court, and the IHC chief justice had requested all relevant records. Khosa emphasized their demand for assurances from the state regarding the protection of Imran's life.

He also questioned the basis for Imran Khan's impending indictment in the cipher case, asking what crime Imran had committed. Khosa raised historical context, suggesting that British Colonisers had created the Official Secrets Act to subjugate the colonized and questioned whether Pakistan should now accept Americans as its new masters.

He underscored that this matter pertains to the respect and sovereignty of a nation with a population of 240 million. Khosa also referred to past instances where threats from American diplomats had influenced changes in Pakistan's premiership.

Meanwhile, in the Islamabad High Court, a divisional bench, consisting of Chief Justice Aamer Farooq and Babar Sattar, reserved the verdict regarding Imran's plea to suspend the lower court's decision in the Toshakhana criminal case. The case also involved Imran Khan's legal team requesting the inclusion of the state as a party.

The court stated that objections had been raised, and a decision would be made after a thorough review. Chief Justice Farooq asked Khosa to provide examples of similar cases where such a request had been granted and to present arguments supporting the request in writing.