Federal Government approved mega projects worth $3 billion across the country

Federal Government approved mega projects worth $3 billion across the country

Approval has been given for projects costing more than 3 billion dollars in the Federal Steering Committee meeting for the rehabilitation of areas affected by floods.

According to reports, an emergency relief project related to water scarcity has been approved in Sindh, with an estimated expenditure of 193.3 million dollars with assistance from the World Bank. Additionally, a project for infrastructure and employment rehabilitation in Sindh has been cleared, with funding of 264 million dollars from the World Bank.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a project for water scarcity, drainage systems, and flood protection has also been approved, with more than 60 million dollars in funds allocated.

A project worth 281.7 million dollars for water and agriculture has been approved in Punjab, along with a project worth 193.6 million dollars for the Works and Services Department.

In Punjab, environmental and municipal services have been allocated a project with a cost of 180 million dollars, and the reconstruction of five roads and damaged bridges will incur an expenditure of 144.8 million dollars. Rehabilitation projects for Kachhi Canal affected areas have also received approval.

In Balochistan, another project for water scarcity and infrastructure will cost 5 million dollars, while a Farm Water Management program in Balochistan has been approved with a total cost of 153.11 million dollars.

Sindh's Provincial Minister for Finance, Younis Dhaga, had previously expressed concerns about the slow pace of rehabilitation work after the floods, stating that only one lakh homes had begun construction out of 21 lakh, and at this rate, it would take 21 years to complete.