Pakistan strongly reacts over Indian remarks on joint press conference of Pak German FMs

Pakistan strongly reacts over Indian remarks on joint press conference of Pak German FMs

Islamabad rubbishes Indian remarks against joint press conference of Pak-German FMs

Rubbishing Indian remarks against the joint press conference of the Foreign Ministers of Pakistan and Germany in Berlin, Islamabad has said Delhi’s statement exposed its frustration, 24NewsHD TV channel reported Sunday.

The Foreign Office stated that highlighting the centrality of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, both the Foreign Ministers agreed that there was a role and responsibility of the international community as well as a need for intensified efforts from the United Nations for a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue.

The FO continued: “While the views expressed by the Foreign Ministers elucidated the growing urgency and concern in the international community on the Kashmir dispute, the Indian gratuitous remarks have exposed the desperation of a country that finds itself increasingly isolated on the issue of its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir and the reprehensible human rights violations being perpetrated by its ruthless occupation force in the occupied territory.

“India’s proclivity to hoist the bogey of cross-border terrorism whenever there is a call for increased scrutiny of its unlawful occupation and brutality in Jammu and Kashmir is well known. It must, however, realize that no amount of obfuscation will change the reality of its repression in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). India’s credentials as a purveyor of state terrorism in the Indian-Occupied Kashmir and as an instigator of cross-border terrorism in Pakistan need no reiteration. Hollow denials and evasion of responsibility will no longer cover up India’s mischievous strategy of posing as a ‘victim’ of terrorism while shifting blame elsewhere.”

“Pakistan’s achievements and contribution to the cause of counter-terrorism are globally acknowledged. On the contrary, India’s allusion to FATF, displaying its characteristic bias, hostility, and partiality towards Pakistan, corroborates Pakistan’s long-standing view that India has been politicizing FATF and trying to misuse its membership in FATF to target Pakistan. FATF needs to take note of the irresponsible statement by India.

"Rather than making preposterous remarks about statements made by Foreign Ministers, India would do well to introspect, address the international community’s valid concerns and mend its ways.