India planning to attack and capture Azad Kashmir?

India planning to attack and capture Azad Kashmir?

ISLAMABAD - India is planning to attack and capture Azad Kashmir, claims the AJK President Sardar Masood Khan.

He has said that the whole Pakistani nation right from Karachi up to Khyber and from Gwadar to Khunjerab stands like a rock wall at the back of Kashmiri people, and the state of Pakistan with full force and strength is highlighting the

voice of Kashmiri people on every forum across the globe.

He said this while addressing a roundtable conference held here on Wednesday under the aegis of Institute of Strategic Studies. The conference was also addressed by Lt. Gen. (retd) Agha Omar Farooq, former Defense Minister Lt. Gen. (retd) Kalid Naeem Lodhi and other speakers.

The AJK president said that to lead the liberation movement to success, it is imperative for the nation to maintain unity and cohesion in its rank and file, and thwart every conspiracy hatched by India to create gulf between Pakistan and the Kashmiri people. "We will have to set aside all differences, and foil this heinous Indian plot," he added.

He maintained that immediately after its inception, Pakistan had won two wars against India in 1947-48, and had liberated 84,000 square miles area of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan and made several achievements on the diplomatic front. Pakistan had also got approved nearly one dozen resolutions on Kashmir from the UN Security Council.