QUETTA - Network of Afghanistan Intelligence Agency NDS and Indian Intelligence RAW based in Afghanistan is operating mostly though the Afghan refugees in the Balochistan and is involved in killings in Balochistan including the mass killings of the Hazara community, security sources involved with the investigations of the high profile cases have revealed.

The latest killings of the members of the Hazara community is linked with the same network, whose backbone has largely being broken which is evident from the improved law and order condition in the province.

The important militant leaders have either been killed and arrested. The remnants have run across the Durand line and looking for fresh reinforcements from their local and foreign masters.

The Balochistan Home Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti has also openly said today that Indian and Afghan intelligence agencies, RAW and NDS are involved in terrorists activities in Pakistan.

He was talking to heirs of deceased members of Hazara community who staged a sit-in on Alamdar Road in Quetta on Monday to protest against killing of four people target killing incident on Kasi Road on Monday.

The provincial Home Minister said the Afghan soil is being used for terrorism against Pakistan.

Sarfraz Bugti said that the culprits involved in the tragic incident would be brought to the book at all costs. 

He added that several high profile terrorists were either killed or arrested by the security forces in different areas of the province.