Shocking: With how much margin Pakistan needs to defeat England to reach WC semi final?

Shocking: With how much margin Pakistan needs to defeat England to reach WC semi final?

To reach the semi-finals in 2023, Pakistan needs to defeat England either by a margin of 287 runs or by chasing England's target within 16 balls. The practical possibility of Pakistan making it to the final four has diminished, requiring the national team to create history in Kolkata to reach the semi-finals.

In Bangalore, New Zealand's victory over Sri Lanka has practically secured their spot in the semi-finals. New Zealand achieved the target set by Sri Lanka, losing five wickets in the 24th over, marking a crucial victory for the Kiwis with an improved run rate.

Following the triumph against Sri Lanka, New Zealand sits at the fourth position on the points table with 10 points and a superior net run rate of 0.7. Meanwhile, Pakistan, with 8 points and a net run rate of 0.04, occupies the fifth position on the points table. The competition is ongoing.

For Pakistan to reach the semi-finals, they must either defeat England by 287 runs or achieve the target set by England within just 16 balls.

Failing to do so would mark the end of Pakistan's current World Cup journey. The toss in the match against England is also crucial for Pakistan. If Pakistan loses the toss and England chooses to bat first, the practical possibility of Pakistan reaching the semi-finals would end right at the toss.

It's essential to note that Pakistan and England will face each other in their last group stage match on November 11th at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. England, having already been eliminated from the semi-final race with six defeats, aims to secure a direct entry into the 2025 Champions Trophy through a victory in their final match of the ongoing World Cup.

Despite four victories in the tournament so far, the Pakistani team still has the chance to reach the semi-finals. Therefore, they will strive to take the field in Kolkata against England with a significant margin for a triumphant outcome.