Pakistani Banks barred from receiving donations for Palestine?

Pakistani Banks barred from receiving donations for Palestine?

Bank Al Falah has addressed recent social media reports suggesting that it is not accepting donations for Palestine in its branches. The bank, responding to the hashtag #boycott Bank Alfalah on Twitter, clarified that the circulating internal memo on social media is misleading.

In a statement posted on its Twitter account, the bank emphasized that the notion of banks being instructed to cease accepting donations is incorrect. It explained that in Pakistan, operational accounts of embassies are restricted from receiving donations. Instead, the bank urged contributions to be directed to legally permissible donation accounts.

The controversy emerged when a local journalist shared a picture claiming that the Pakistani government had barred all commercial banks from accepting donations for Palestinians in Gaza.

This news quickly went viral, resonating strongly with the emotional connection that the people of Pakistan feel towards their Muslim brothers in Palestine.

The uproar intensified as users shared an alleged circular from Bank Alfalah instructing branches not to accept donation funds for the Embassy of the State of Palestine. This led to public outrage, with citizens threatening to withdraw their money from the bank.