Country can experience worsen food insecurity if tangible steps not taken: Experts


FAISALABAD: Amid the situation of ever-increasing population, decreasing fertility and agricultural land, the country can experience worsen food insecurity if tangible steps are not taken to tackle the situation effectively.

It was echoed by the experts at national seminar titled bio-fertilizer at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) in connection with the Distinguished Innovation Collaboration Entrepreneurship (DICE) themed Agriculture and Food Sciences 2017 at New Senate Hall, UAF.

Chairing the session, UAF Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Zafar showed his concern that agriculture land fertility is decreasing with each passing year, posing the threat for the country food security situation.

He said that bio-fertilizer as supplement to chemical fertilizers will help raise the fertility. He added that by 2050, the country population will double whereas area of agriculture land is shrinking in the country.

He said that it is duty of agricultural scientists to introduce new varieties and fertility techniques for raising per acre production. He stressed the need to create the awareness among farming community about latest trends in the agriculture sector.

Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) Director Dr Zahir Ahmad Zahir said that it is imperative to find the means for improving the efficiency of the fertilizer in sustainable way. He said that currently, bio-fertilizer is being used at the farm at the limited way. He added that there is potential to increase the use of bio fertilizer for sustainable agricultural system.

Dr Zahid Shah from the University of Agriculture Peshawar said that land in KPK is facing numerous nutrient deficiency in nitrogen phosphorous and others. He said that bio-fertilizer as supplement to chemical fertilizer will help the country address the issue of the land fertility.



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