Yet another Indian Air Force Mig 29 Fighter Jet crashed in Punjab

Yet another Indian Air Force Mig 29 Fighter Jet crashed in Punjab

ISLAMABAD - An Indian fighter jet, a MiG-29, crashed in Indian Punjab on Friday while on a routine training mission, according to an *Indian Express* report.

The publication said that the pilot ejected safely before the crash and was taken to a nearby hospital.

An Indian Air Force spokesperson later issued details regarding the crash, saying that the plane had been on a training mission near Jalandhar when it developed a technical issue.

He said that the pilot ejected safely; however, he was ‘unable to control the aircraft’.

The Indian pilot was airlifted later by Indian defence forces personnel, added the report.

Crashes involving fighter planes are not uncommon in India, which is in the midst of upgrading its Soviet-era military.

Most of the accidents involve MiGs that India bought decades ago from the Soviet Union, earning them the unflattering "flying coffin" tag.

Last year in September, an IAF Mig-21 had crashed in Madhya Pradesh, with its two pilots managing to eject safely.

Earlier in 2019, another MiG-21 'Bison' had crashed in Rajasthan after it reportedly hit a bird.

India is investing billions of dollars in modernising its air force. It has signed a contract to purchase 36 Dassault Rafale fighters from France for $8.8 billion.