Why US embassy Chief Security Officer has been arrested?

Why US embassy Chief Security Officer has been arrested?

ISLAMABAD – The chief security officer (CSO) of the US embassy was arrested on Tuesday by the Kohsar police for alleged abetment in a crime, assaulting and harassing law enforcers.

The Kohsar police arrested Syed Taimoor Iqbal from the parking area of the district and sessions court Islamabad as he had allegedly threatened and assaulted the police officials besides assisting a US diplomat, escape from police custody after a fatal traffic accident.

US Defence and Air Attaché Col Joseph Emanuel ran the red light on Margalla Road last month and hit two young motorcyclists۔ One of them died while his pillion rider was injured.

Iqbal reached the spot and threatened the police officials for holding the diplomat. Besides, he also put up resistance against the police to help the diplomat escape, said the police.

Inspector Arshad Ali, the investigating officer of the case, told a leading publication that the victim’s father had lodged a complaint with the police against the CSO.

Syed Taimoor Iqbal not only intervened in the accident involving Joseph Emanuel but also rescued Chad Rex Auburn, US embassy’s Second Secretary, who rammed into a motorcyclist and injured him, last month.

However, the traffic police had declared that that accident happened due to the fault of the motorcyclist.

According to the FIR lodged after the incident, Iqbal misbehaved with police after the accident and attacked Abdul Sattar, the Station House Officer who became a complainant and stated that US embassy official tried to resist police from shifting the car and its driver to the station.