Uran 9: Russia unveils armed Robots in Syria

Uran 9: Russia unveils armed Robots in Syria

MOSCOW - In a major revelation, Russia claims its armed robot Uran-9 has seen action in the Syrian civil war.

According to a report in Russia's state-owned news outlet RIA Novosti, the country's Deputy Minister of Defence Yuriy Borisov confirmed that his military tested the multifunctional reconnaissance and fire support unit Uran-9 robots in Syria.

"All the presented weapons systems are in service with the Russian army or are in trial operation, most of the novelties have been tested in Syria," the Russian Defence Ministry said about the weapons platforms which are to be displayed during the Victory Parade on May 9. The weapons which will be part of the parade include the robotic complexes Uran-6, a mine clearing vehicle, and Uran-9.

The Uran-9 is like a small tank with a 30mm cannon on a turret on top but with no soldier inside to either drive it or fire the weapon. Just like a conventional tank, the Uran-9 too uses tracks.

According to RIA Novosti: "Uran-9 was created to protect personnel from enemy’s fire. It has powerful weapons that can hit not only live force and lightly armored vehicles, but also tanks, as well as other highly protected objects. Uran-9 is built into the Unified Control System at the tactical level, and has protection from unauthorised access and electronic warfare means".