Rs 5 billion free tickets were given by PIA in one year: Report

Rs 5 billion free tickets were given by PIA in one year: Report

ISLAMABAD - It has been revealed that 287,000 PIA tickets were distributed in 2013 which caused a loss of Rs5 billion.

Economist Farrukh Saleem, who was appointed amicus curiae by the Supreme court earlier gave briefing to the bench on a projector.

In his briefing, Saleem informed the court that in 2008, PIA’s revenue operational cost was Rs129 billion, revenue was 89 billion while total losses stood at Rs73 billion.

Saleem added that from 2008 up till now, the loss has accumulated to Rs360 billion.

The chief justice observed that these losses occurred in the time of the last two governments.

He stated that in 2013 an aviation division was established with Azeem as its head.

Chief Justice Nisar regretted that taxpayers' money is consumed by PIA.

Terming political interference and association policies as reasons for the poor financial conditions,Saleem claimed employments in PIA were made on political grounds in the last 10 years.

Saleem informed that PIA has seven unions affiliated with political parties.

He added that 45 planes were bought on lease from 2008-17 while their grounding caused a loss of Rs6.67 billion.

The chief justice then inquired whether the MDs will submit a joint response to these statements or individual replies.

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