Iran calls for Pakistan China Russia regional alliance against US

Iran calls for Pakistan China Russia regional alliance against US

Islamabad, IRNA - Member of Iranian parliament stressed the need to enhance cooperation among the regional states to effectively fight against terrorism.

Head of the Iranian delegation and chairman of National Foreign Policy Committee Ardeshair Nourian made the remarks during an interview with IRNA after holding a session of drafting committee of Speakers Conference in Islamabad.

He said that they had a useful session of the committee during which issues related to formulations of rules and regulations of the Speakers’ Conference were discussed.

The politician added that the meeting emphasized on cooperation against terrorism.

He added that first Speakers’ Conference of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, China and Russia was held in Islamabad last year and the next conference would be held in Tehran in August of this year.

The MP said that the draft committee had met to discuss future plans of the Speakers Conference its agenda and its rules and regulations.

Ardeshair Nourian said that regional cooperation is necessary to achieve regional peace and stability. He added that the role of Iran against terrorism was also hailed during the meeting.

He said that if regional states can operationalize steps against terrorism they would be able to enhance their cooperation in trade and economic sectors also. He added that all countries are eager to root out terrorism from the region.

Member of Pakistani parliament and head of Pakistani delegation in the draft committee Zahid Hamid told IRNA that Speakers Conference is a very good forum established to play its role in bringing peace and prosperity in the region.

He added that in 2017 historical conference speakers of six countries namely Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, China and Russia participated. The MP said that in the drafting committee charter and rules of the conference have been formed.

“This platform will continue to work and I am very confident that it would prove be very fruitful in bringing peace and prosperity in the region,” said Zahid Hamid.