Google Assistant takes AI feature to next amazing levels

Google Assistant takes AI feature to next amazing levels

WASHINGTON - These days, it’s quite common for businesses, or network operators, to set up a bot/robot to answer your phone that redirects you to a human operator or processes your request. It’s easy to guess that the “lady” over the phone is merely a pre-recorded response that plays on repeat, cannot hear what you are saying, and is pretty stupid.

Google is looking to change that – it showed off a new AI feature of the Google Assistant <link> that is able to naturally communicate with real humans over the phone and carry out user tasks such as setting appointments.

Using this feature, called Google Duplex, users will be able to ask for opening hours or make appointments in restaurants by simply instructing Google Assistant to do it for them.

The AI, on request, makes an autonomous call to a particular business and carries out the task assigned to it except, this time, it converses as cleanly and “realistically” as a human would. It uses natural human-like language and does not sound like an eerie, melodic robot.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, demonstrated its abilities at Google I/O 2018 through recordings of real calls made by the Google Assistant.